Endpass is a decentralized identity platform that puts people first. Use your Endpass blockchain identity to secure your personal data and precisely control access to it.

Protect your personal data
You own your personal data. Your personal information is stored with you - not big companies that want to mine it for profit. Self-sovereign identity eliminates single points of failure that are vulnerable to hacks and data breaches.

Passwordless login
Password-free login everywhere
Experience one-tap passwordless sign on to the next generation of decentralized apps. Never worry about managing or forgetting multiple passwords. Stop phishing attacks before they happen. One blockchain identity signs you in across all of your devices.

 Flexible Personas
Create as many identities as you want and easily switch between them. All of your accounts are in one place. Unilimited disposable one-time use accounts can be created to enhance privacy.

Total Data Security
Endpass ensures all of your personal data is encrypted and stored only on your device. You're the only one with the key to unlock it. Your sensitive personal information is always protected from data breaches.

Complete Privacy
Decide how much personal information you want to share and who is allowed to see it. Without your permission, your personal data is completely invisible.

Open Standards
We are building open protocols for the future of decentralized identity. Endpass is built on top of widely accepted industry standards and open-source technologies

Our Mission

Our goal is to give people power over their personal data. We believe that your personal data doesn't belong to greedy corporations or surveillance states — it belongs to you!

That's why we're building a self-sovereign identity platform that gives users control over personal information, without entrusting it to third parties. Individual control over identity massively increases privacy and security, protecting against data breaches and hackers. The future of identity is decentralized.

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