Endpass is an identity verification platform on a mission to fight fraud and cybercrime.

We also aim to make identity verification as painless and delightful as possible, especially when meeting KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) requirements.

How our software works

We use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to automatically scan and validate identification documents, such as passports, drivers licenses, IDs, and proof of address documents such as utility bills.

Endpass for Consumers

Our platform is free for consumers to use. All you have to do is create an account, upload your identity documents or take a new photo of your document, and our AI with instantly analyze them for validity.

Usually, document verification just takes a few seconds, as long as your image isn’t dark, blurry, or chopped off. But in some unique cases, additional review is required to successfully authenticate your information.

Once a document is verified, you can share it with any of our trusted partners to instantly authenticate your identity.

All information is encrypted in the cloud, and accessible from any device. We offer multiple methods of 2 Factor Authentication to protect your privacy with the highest level of security.

Here are some things consumers love about our software:

  1. Stop wasting time finding and re-uploading your identity documents when signing up for accounts. Just upload them ONCE to be verified with Endpass, and re-use them as you like.
  2. Sign up for new accounts faster. Once your documents are verified, you can be instantly onboarded to new services in a single click when share your identity details with any of our preferred partners. What used to take days or even weeks now takes you less than 4 seconds.
  3. Protect yourself from identity fraud by locking your identity documents to your account, even if fraudsters have already gotten access to them through hacks and data breaches. Not only will they be unable to misuse your information inside our system, but we will get "digital fingerprints" on their fraudulent upload to help trace this cybercrime back to its source.

Endpass for Businesses

Businesses that require their customers, vendors, or contractors/employees to verify their identities can use our software for quickly and securely onboarding new customers.

We have several easy ways to integrate our software into organizations' existing systems and processes, and we can work alongside any existing software your business may already have.

Here are some reasons why our customers love using Endpass for business:

  1. Reduce customer friction for a faster onboarding process
  2. Lower abandonment during the registration process by as much as 23% or more
  3. Less back and forth with your support team
  4. Cut your onboarding costs
  5. Happier new customers mean higher NPS scores
  6. Protect your customers' privacy, and keep their personal information secure, encrypted in the cloud with multiple layers of security
  7. Much higher confidence in the accuracy of verifications; reduce false negatives and catch even the most advanced fakes
  8. Stronger protection against fraud, and lower risk for your organization

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